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CI Design - IM Best Tour - is the result of a combination of online advanced tour informatio with local Bed & Breakfast ideas moving with the times. Based on typographic elements, we created a wood wall sign, handbook cover and food menu all for gallery center that opened the way for us to create a key visual that fully reflects a modern approach to new business model for IM Best Tour.

Clear messages, developed graphic elements and colors make the legibility of the brand's message the strength of its operation, while the components of the logotype are perfect both on the plane and in space.

YoYaCool creatives professionals to showcase our work in the best way possible. Also we build unique, professional and clean design mockups with a wide variety. Using these mockup templates to create your own artwork is quite easy. You can do is place your artwork inside the smart layers, hit save and you are done. How to use a mockup template in 3 Easy Steps? How often do use mockups for your design projects? Please send us your comments or leave your comments below.